International and Cross-Strait Exchange Programs

National Taiwan Normal University (NTNU) is the only comprehensive university of the arts and humanities among the 12 top universities in Taiwan. Furthermore, based upon QS World University Rankings, NTNU was ranked number two internationalization in Taiwan. NTNU Extension, School of Continuing Education (NTNU SCE) has organized a variety of international and academic exchange programs. We hope that through all kinds of exchange activities, we can make our school based on Taiwan and connect with the world. At present, our international and cross-strait academic exchange activities can be divided into the following three categories, and we can also provide customized training programs according to the needs of each party:

  1. School Business Management: Share the experiences, knowledge and skills of school affairs. For example, NTNU visiting research team from the administrative unit has organized expert discussion panels and designed relevant courses as well as visiting arrangements based on the fields in student and general affairs, library and information, international exchange, career counseling and innovative teaching.
  2. Teachers In-service Training: The main goal is to improve teachers' expertise and knowledge. For example, the teacher study tour offers curriculums like educational administration, course teaching, classroom management, teacher professional development, learning psychology and guidance as well as parenting education. Besides, teachers' discussion activities, teaching observation and practice activities provide teachers with communication and mutual learning in teaching methods.
  3. Students Course and Camp: NTNU SCE has organized various short, medium and long-term programs such as Mandarin summer camp, Mandarin study tour, and Bo Le Camp, aimed at the students who are interested in Mandarin and Chinese culture.

Mandarin Teacher Training Program

華語書苑-Mandarin Teacher Training Program

Training Program for Overseas Mandarin Teachers

華語教師來臺培訓專班-Training Program for Overseas Mandarin Teachers

Little Master Mandarin Summer Camp

華語小大師夏令營-Little Master Mandarin Summer Camp

Amazing Formosa Mandarin Study Tour

師大華語遊學團-Amazing Formosa Mandarin Study Tour


Amazing Formosa Mandarin Study Tour

福爾摩沙遊學趣-Amazing Formosa Mandarin Study Tour