According to the Ministry of Education official letter (4)0960118824C, companies (institutions) caught borrowing venues from universities or administrative sectors for the purpose of teaching curriculums offered by foreign schools will lead to permanent disqualification in reserving NTNU venues.

Venue Rental Policy

  1. Venue payment should be processed within 7 days after approval, the 20 % deposit fee is paid in advance of the total payment to complete booking. (Overdue payment leads to cancellation)
  2. Balance payment is due 14 days before the actual venue date. Overdue payment leads to cancellation, and deposit is non-refundable.
  3. Venue application for NTNU sectors can use internal ATM transaction for payment (include project number and name), non-NTNU students attending workshops held by school, department, institute or administration sectors with fee will receive 30 percent off, while activities like education trainings, teaching courses or exams held by school, department, institute or administration sectors will receive 50 percent off. Any free venue rental applied by NTNU sectors should be approved as special case 10 days before the rental date (includes estimated budget list) for free payment. Yet, 15% administration, management fee (including water, electricity and cleaning fees) of the total venue payment will be charged. If the venue is not used on the rental date or cancellation at short notice, the SCE will also ask for the 15% administrative management fee.
  4. Non-NTNU sectors renting venues for 10 consecutive times and submit total payment will receive 20 percent discount. Any changes or cancellations made based on the submitted total payment will be kept to use for the year with no refund
  5. Please select one discount of payment ONLY.
  6. In case of severe typhoon or natural disasters, based on the Central Weather Bureau announcement of official typhoon warnings, local government’s public announcement in suspending all work and school participation, the SCE will cease all venue rental services and extend the use of rental dates; Full refund applied to all applicants who wish to cancel holding the activity permanently, but must complete the refund process within 2 weeks based on the actual typhoon announcement; if local governments do not announce to suspend work or school, but applicants still cancel the activity and do not wish to retain, venue payment and deposit will be non-refundable.

Venue Payment as Follows

  1. By remittance, Account Name:National Taiwan Normal University Account, Beneficiary with Bank:CHINA TRUST COMMERCIAL BANK, Account No.:107540140310,(SCE does not accept ATM transaction payment), please note applicant’s sectors, the time on the remittance slip and fax to SCE.
  2. By cash or sight check (Check Title Payable to:National Taiwan Normal University).

Venue Management Policy

  1. Residual payment should be submitted within the required time once venue rental application is confirmed. If for any reason, you cannot use the venue rented, a 1 week notice is required for cancellation, but can be extended 1 time and venue payment is non-refundable.
  2. Venue payment charges by the hours: Morning 08:00~12:00, Afternoon 13:00~17:00, Evening 18:00~22:00. If the venue is not rented for the next hour session, 1 hour overdue will be charged with an additional half of the venue payment, over 2 hours overdue will be charged by the full whole session (less than one hour will be charged as an hour)
  3. Venue decoration should be consulted between applicants and the SCE. The applicants will be responsible for the decoration with a free arrangement time no longer than 30 minutes once the actual rental time is confirmed. 1 hour overdue will be charged with an additional half of the venue payment, over 2 hours overdue will be charged by the full whole session (less than one hour will be charged as an hour).
  4. The SCE venue offers basic equipment: projector, microphones, screen, e-lecture tables, air-conditioning and tea/water. (Please bring your own cups for environmental purposes and no paper cups provided in all government agencies).
  5. Any installment of equipment, posters or distribution of flyers will not be allowed without SCE permission. Please bring your ID or documents to fill out forms for renting equipment.
  6. No damage or altering of original equipment in the venue is allowed when decorating or using the place. Repair or damage payment will be asked based on market value for those held responsible.
  7. The SCE will not be held responsible for retaining any items required by applicants.
  8. All exhibits and posters should be cleared up, with venues cleaned to its original state by the end of the due date. The SCE will not be responsible for any overdue items. Equipment damage will need to be repaired.
  9. Applicants must consider the number of people when using the venues, because the SCE do not provide extra chairs or desk service.
  10. No food or eating is allowed in venues such as lecture hall, audio-visual classroom, auditorium, computer rooms, conference hall (Linkou Campus) and the amphitheater.
  11. Meal requirement in venues should be noted in applications, as an appropriate fee of NT$1,000 fee will be added for cleaning food leftovers and doing garbage classification. (Failing to notify beforehand will be charged based on venue rental regulations.)


  1. The SCE can assist activities with personal assistance: For example, meals, teatime snacks, red banners and posters.
  2. All NTNU venues all non-smoking areas, any violation will be fined according to the Tobacco Hazard Prevention Act.
  3. Violation of the above rule will lead to cancellation of the venue by SCE and deny of applying to all venues for 6 months.
  4. Venue cost may, subject to change based on our latest announcements.